LPG Gas Price in Nepal Today is the same at Rs 1895 [See More about Gas Price]

LPG Gas Price in Nepal is Rs 1895 per Cylinder. In this phase, the NOC has not changed Nepal’s LPG Gas Cylinder Price. In this phase, on 1st February, the NOC maintained the Same Price of Rs 1895 Per Cylinder. Here’s the Price of all Petroleum products, including the LGP Cylinder Price in Nepal.

Nepali Oil Corporation used to determine the Price of Petroleum products every 15 Days. Based on the Price List mentioned by an Indian Oil Corporation, the Petrol and Diesel Price in Nepal is determined.

LPG Gas Price in Nepal Today [Implementation From 18 Magh Mid-Night]

petrol price in nepal
See the Latest Diesel Petrol LPG Gas Prices in Nepal

In this phase, the NOC doesn’t change the LPG Gas Price in Nepal. So, in the above notice, the NOC has not mentioned anything about the Gas Cylinder Price. We know LP Gas as the safest for cooking foods for household and commercial purposes. In Nepal, different distributing brands are supplying LPG Gas with their brand name.

Here, you can check the Cooking Gas Prices in Nepal. All the LP Gas comes with 14.2 KG in weight. LPG Gas Price in Nepal Today is NPR 1895.

Depending upon the Distributor and Company (bottlers) the Price of LPG Gas in Nepal may differ.

LPG Gas Bottlers List in Nepal

There are a total of 60 Bottles of LPG Gas in Nepal. Depending upon the distribution area, some are National Level, and others of a specific area. See the name of LP Gas Bottlers after getting the LPG Gas Price in Nepal.

FAQ for Gas Prices in Nepal

What is the LPG gas price in Nepal today?

LPG Gas Price in Nepal is Rs 1895 Per Cylinder.

What is the price of an LPG cylinder in Kathmandu?

In Nepal, the Price of LPG Gas is NPR 1895.

Is the price of LP gas increasing?

Compared to the last price, the LG Gas Price in Nepal has increased to 2110 (increased by Rs 315 Per cylinder but which was reverted to Rs 1895 as of 2nd November Update).

What is LPG’s full form?

LPG stands for Liquefied petroleum gas.

How much gas is in a 14.2 kg cylinder?

The LPG Cylinder weighs 14.2kg, which is about 27.8 Liters.

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