Kerosene Price in Nepal is Increased by by Rs 2 [See the Diesel Kerosene Price Here]

Kerosene Price in Nepal is Rs 155.50 Per Liter Now. Diesel and Kerosene are treated at the same level, so there’s always the same price between Diesel and Kerosene in Nepal. The NOC has increased the Price of Kerosene in Nepal by Rs 2/Liter and set it to Rs 155.50 in Phase I from 1st February. 

Kerosene Price in Nepal Today [From 1st February]

With the highest peak of NPR 192.0 per Liter on the 2079-03-05 report, the Price started to get back into Normal Price. Due to this, Today’s Kerosene Price is the cheapest.

Currently (From 18 Magh), the Kerosene Price has increased by Rs 2 per Liter. The Kerosene Price in Nepal is Rs 155.50 in Phase I, Rs 157 in Phase II & Rs 158 in Phase III.

All the Prices applicable within 15km of the NOC depot/sales office

Petrol and Diesel Price in Nepal [News]

From 30 Mangshir (16 December), the NOC has declined the Petroleum Price in Nepal. Getting the Diesel by Rs 3.13/Liter cheaper, the NOC has reduced the price of diesel and kerosene by Rs 3/Liter.

So, the Current Petrol Diesel Price in Nepal is Rs 164.50 Per Liter (Petrol: Decreased by Rs 3) & Rs 154.50 Per Liter (Diesel: Decreased by Rs 3/Liter). Also, the Kerosene Price is Rs 154.50 in Phase I (Same as Diesel).

FAQ for Kerosene Price in Nepal

What is the price of 1 litre of kerosene?

The kerosene Price in Nepal is Rs 155.50 per Liter.

How much is 1-litre Petrol in Nepal today?

Today, the Petrol Price in Nepal is NPR 167.50 Per Liter.

How many kg in 1 Litre of kerosene?

One Liter of Kerosene is about 0.79 kg.

Which is cheaper, kerosene or LPG?

LPG is Cheaper than Kerosene, but Kerosene costs less for heating than LPG or Propane.

Is kerosene cheaper than LPG?

No, Kerosene is more expensive than LPG Gas.

Is kerosene cheaper than diesel?

Both the Kerosene and Diesel Prices in Nepal are equal and the same.

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