Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal is Same as Before [Here’s the Price History & Details]

LPG Gas price in Nepal is determined by the Nepal Oil Corporation every 15 days Interval. As per the end of January Update, the Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal is Rs 1895 Per Cylinder. The LG Gas Price in Nepal has been the same as before the phase.

Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal Today [1st February Update]

LP Gas Price in Nepal has been set to Rs 1895 Per Cylinder. The Price of a Gas Cylinder in Nepal is the same as before the phase. Over the past few months, the Gas Price in Nepali Market has been stable.

Before this latest phase, from the Last 5 Intervals (1 September, 16 September, 1 October, 16 October, 1 November & 16 November), the Price of LPG Gas in Nepal used to be the same, i.e., Rs 1895. While in the August 16 Phase, the Gas Price used to be Rs 1660 Per Cylinder.

Fuel TypeQuantityPrice
LPG – 14.2 kgPer CylinderRs 1895

Previous Price of Gas Cylinder in Nepal

In a few months, the Gas Price in Nepal was Rs 1895. In the August 16 Phase, the LPG Price in Nepal was 1660, again reverted to the same Price (Rs 1895). Similarly, in the 1st October Phase, the NOC has increased the Price to Rs 2110 Per Cylinder. However, due to the Protest, the NOC has been obliged to revert to the Normal Price from the Next Day.

So, in this 30 November Phase, the NOC has fixed the Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal to Rs 1895 Per Cylinder.

Nepal Gas Price in Kathmandu

The Gas Cylinder Price in Nepal is the same. The NOC has fixed the LP Gas Price in Nepal to Rs 1895 per the last update on November 16. We can’t find the difference in different parts in Gas Prices like Diesel and Petrol Prices in Nepal.

Bottlers Details of LPG in Nepal

After finding the Gas Cylinder Prices in Nepal, we have mentioned the List of bottles of LPG Gas for you. These are the bottlers and the company that sells the LPG Gas provided by Nepal Oil Corporation.

Nepal Oil Corporation Ltd. Babarmahal, Kathmandu Bottler Detail of LPG
S.NoNAME OF LP GAS  BOTTLERSAddressBranchAppoint DateBrand NameProprietorStorage Capacity (in MT)Province
1Ambar Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Jitpur, Bara 2069.5.8 AmberGhanashyam Kayal/ Kiran Devi Kayal1002
2Arati Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Nawalparasi 2070.3.11 AratiOm Prakash Agrahari1004
3Baba Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Chitwan * BabaSurendra P. Poudel2003
4Bhanu Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2065.3.15 BhanuRudra P. Koirala/ Surya P. Koirala1503
5Bheri Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Nepalganj 2053.9.8 BheriSunil Kumar Sinha605
 Bheri Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhangadiBranch2065.03.10 Bheri   
6Butwal Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Butwal 2068.1.5 ButwalShankar Shrestha605
7Chandeswari Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Kavre 2066.12.24/ 2069.06.28 ChadiSanwarmal Agrawal1003
8Everest Gas Udhyog Pvt. LtdKirtipur   EverestShiva Prasad Ghimire1663
9Gas One Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (NL Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.)Dumarabana, Bara 2068.1.12 NLKamal Narayan Karn1002
 Gas One Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (NL Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.) (Branch)DhadingBranch2072.07.22   100 
 Gas One Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (NL Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.) (Branch)TanahuBranch2073.08.17   100 
10Gauri Shankar Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Kavre 2051.11.10 HimalRam Chandra Sanghai403
 Gauri Shankar Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhadingBranch2073.01.28Himal   
11Gita Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2069.10.9 GitaNarendra K. Shrestha/ Ranjit Singh1003
12Grihalaxmi Gas Company Pvt. Ltd.Kaski * GrihalaxmiDharmaraj Bartaula1104
13Himalaya Petro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Nawalparasi 2052.5.22 HPRajendra Kumar Khetan644
 Himalaya Petro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhadingBranch2064.12.7 HP 2003
14Jagdamba Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Bara 2066.2.4 JagadambaRamji Prasad Agrawal1002
15Janaki Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2068.2.2 JanakiBijayahari Sharma1004
16Kabsons Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2069.10.7 Shree MayaAshis Agrawal1003
17Kankai Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Jhapa 2066.9.23 KankaiJit Bahadur Karki1001
18Koshi Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Duhabi, Sunsari 2061.9.1 KoshiBijayahari Sharma2401
 Koshi Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhadingBranch2066.03.02Koshi   
19Leo Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Bara 2068.1.19 LeoRajkumar Sindhi/ Nirmal Ji1002
20Lumbini Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Gaidakot * LumbiniBhagwan Parajuli904
 Lumbini Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Dhading/NuwakotBranch2072.03.31Lumbini   
21Manakamana Gas Pvt. Ltd.Banke 2060.5.31ManakamanaRajesh Shrestha/ Ram Narayan Shrestha905
 Manakamana Gas Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Chitwan, Sisar Vagadi-4Branch2073.07.07    
22Manoj Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Bara 2053.8.3ManojManoj Kumar Das/ Birendra Kumar Das/ Shanti Devi Das1202
23Maruti Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Sonapur, Sunsari 2060.1.23SubidhaSudarshan Pradhan/ Anil Kharel1161
24Mechi Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd.Jhapa 2059.5.21 MechiMars Prasai601
25Metro Kathmandu Gas Udhyog Ltd.Dhading 2067.6.26 STC 2003
26Namaste Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Baireni-9, Dhading 2069.10.9 NamasteSurendra Phuyal1003
27Narayani Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Khairahani, Chitwan 2064.11.21 NarayaniGokul Bhandari1503
 Narayani Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Dhading/NuwakotBranch2072.04.22Narayani   
28Nepal  Gas Udhyog (Narayani)  Pvt. Ltd.Simara *Nepal Gas (Narayani)Gokul Bhandari1562
 Nepal  Gas Udhyog (Narayani)  Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhanusaBranch2073.02.13Nepal Gas (Narayani)   
29Nepal  Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Balaju, Kathmandu * Nepal GasGokul Bhandari10003
 Nepal  Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Banke/ KohalpurBranch2073.02.13Nepal Gas   
30Nobel  Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Janakpur 2058.2.21 NobelBhairab Bhakta Chhetri/ Kabi Chhetri662
 Nobel  Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhadingBranch2065.03.10Nobel   
31OM Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2063.9.23 OmHari Prasad Pathak2003
 OM Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)MakwanpurBranch2073.03.24 Om   
32Pancha Maha Laxmi Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd.Bhairahawa 2068.1.5 SostikNarayan Prasad Bhandari1005
33Parajuli & Brothers Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Jhapa 2066.1.21 ParajuliAditya Parajuli1001
34Pashupati Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu * —Asha Nakarmi533
35Pathibhara Gas Udyog Pvt. Ltd.Charpane-2, Jhapa 2073.7.29PathibharaYek Raj Upreti1081
36Prima Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Pakali, Sunsari * PrimaSudip Ghimire1001
37Rajdhani Gas  Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Nawalparasi 2066.12.15 RajdhaniKush Prasad Malli1004
 Rajdhani Gas  Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Dhading/NuwakotBranch2073.06.17Rajdhani   
38Rapti Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Satbaria Dang 2069.06.18 RaptiKhadga Bdr. Bhudathoki/ Shyam Budhathoki1005
 Rapti Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Surkhet, Birendranagar-25Branch 2073.07.07    
39Rijalco Bhansa Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Morang 2067.10.23 RijalcoNabin Rijal1001
40Royal Multilook Concern Pvt. Ltd.Kailali 2067.6.25 RediantDiwan Chand1007
 Royal Multilook Concern Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Kanchanpur, Bedkot-6Branch 2073.07.11    
41Sagarmatha Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd.Kavre 2054.9.16 SagarSanwarmal Agrawal2003
 Sagarmatha Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Rupandehi, BankeBranch 2072.12.14 Sagar   
42Sahara Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd.Basamadi, Makwanpur 2067.2.31 SaharaLok Harsa Shakya1002
 Sahara Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Kailali/ Banke/ TanahuBranch 2073.08.07 Sahara   
43Sai Baba Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Chitwan 2057.5.2 SaibabaRajendra Dallakoti1003
44Shakti Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Pokhara 2051.2.9 ShaktiRajendra Kabra604
45Shree Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2064.11.21 ShreeSurendra Prasad Poudel3003
46Shree Satyanarayan Gas Industries Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2067.11.29 TaraGokul Bhandari1003
47Shreekrishna Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2065.3.15 Shree KrishnaRajendra Dallakoti1003
48Shreeram Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Nawalpur 2068.3.3 ShreeramBijayahari Sharma1003
49Siddhanath Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Nawalpur, Rupandehi  SiddhanathYogesh Ghimire1004
50Siddhartha Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Bhairahawa 2056.4.16 SiddharthaRamchandra Sanghai765
 Siddhartha Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)DhadingBranch2065.1.25 Siddhartha803 
51Sugam Gas Udhyog (Kamakhya) Pvt. Ltd. (Branch)Bhasi 4, SunsariBranch2067.11.06 KamakhayaDilip Gopal Rajbhandari1201
 Sugam Gas Udhyog (Kamakhya) Pvt. Ltd. (BU-1)SunsariBranch 2073.08.07Sugam   
52Sugam Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Dhading 2067.6.15 SugamNishan Rajbhandari2003
53Super Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Parsa 2067.7.17 SuperAbulaish Ansari1082
54Surya Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Kavre 2064.11.21 SuryaPrabin Shrestha603
55Trishul Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Bhairahawa 2059.8.20 TrishulShiva Prasad Ghimire805
56Triveni Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Chitwan 2070.03.11 TriveniSantosh Kumar Bhagat1003
57Ugrachandi Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.Chitwan 2066.1.28 LokpriyaKrishna Bhakta Shrestha1003
58Ugrachandi Gas Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. (BU-1)KavreBranch2072.01.06 LokpriyaKrishna Bhakta Shrestha2003
59Valley Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu *Basanta Raj Nakarmi403
60Saipal Gas Pvt. Ltd.Attariya-13, Dhangadhi   Dinesh Sah 7

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