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Petrol Price in Nepal Increased by Rs 4 Per Liter at the End of January [Check the Petrol Price]

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) set the New Diesel Petrol Price In Nepal on 31 January 2024. The Nepal Oil Corporation, a Sole Supplier of Petroleum Products in Nepal has decreased the Petrol Price in Nepal again in this phase. As we know In the context of Nepal, the NOC holds the Monopoly market supply for Petrol, Diesel, and aviation fuel. Also, the price of these products is determined by them. So, here’s the Current Petrol Price in Nepal.

Petrol Price in Nepal Increased by Rs 4/Liter

The Petrol Price in Nepal is set to Rs 167.50 per Liter (Phase I), Rs 169 (Phase II) & Rs 170/Liter (Phase III) from 31st January 2024 which is applicable from 1st February 2024 Mid-Night. Here Including the Petrol the NOC has also set the LPG Gas Price in Nepal to Rs 1895 (Same). While the NOC has increased the Diesel Price in Nepal by Rs 2 Per Liter. So, the Diesel Price in Nepal is Rs 155.50 (Phase I), Rs 157 (Phase II) & Rs 158 (Phase III).

Nepali Oil Corporation used to determine the Price of Petroleum products every 15 Days. Based on the Price List mentioned by an Indian Oil Corporation, the Petrol and Diesel Price in Nepal is determined. As we know, the Current Petrol Price in Nepal changes frequently due to fluctuations in the global crude oil prices and currency exchange rates.

In this January 2nd Phase, the NOC has Increased the Petrol Price in Nepal including the Price of Diesel. Where the Petrol Price is increased by Rs 4/Liter and Diesel by Rs 2/Liter. However, the NOC has maintained the same Price of LPG Gas. In the previous phase, the Diesel Price in Nepal used to be Rs 153.50/Liter in Phase I, Rs 155/Liter in Phase II, & Rs 156/Liter in Phase III.

Petrol Price in Nepal Today 2024 (18 Magh) [Current Price]

Nepal Imports Petroleum products directly from India. Depending upon the buying rate from India, the NOC used to sell the Fuel in Nepal. With an increase in the buying rate and fall of the exchange rates of currency, the Petrol and Diesel Prices in Nepal used to be high. As we know, depending from time to time or any circumstances we have to pay a higher petrol price.

A few times back, Nepal’s Diesel and Petrol Prices have been decreasing steadily due to factors. As in the previous phase, the Petrol Price was decreased by Rs 1/Liter as compared to the December End Phase. But this time the NOC has made a huge change in the Price of both fuels. Based on the NOC Report the Petrol has arrived with an increase in Price by Rs 4.53 Per Liter. The Diesel price has arrived at Rs 2.32 Per Liter Increase price.

Besides the Price of Petrol and Diesel in Nepal varies in the 3 Parts. Here’s the Diesel Petrol Price in Nepal table for you,

All the Prices applicable within 15km of the NOC depot/sales office

Petrol and Diesel Price in Nepal [News]

For the 1st February 2024 (2nd phase) (Implemented from 1st February), the NOC has increased the Petrol Price in Nepal. The NOC has received the Petroleum Price by increasing amount. So, the NOC has received the petrol by Rs 4.53/litre expensive per litre in this phase.

Highest Petrol Price in Nepal

The Petrol Price in Nepal was NPR 199.0 as of the 2022-06-20 report. Due to global circumstances, Nepal’s Diesel and Petrol Prices have been the highest.

petrol price in nepal
See the Latest Diesel Petrol LPG Gas Prices in Nepal

Nepal Oil Corporation Fuel Price List After

The Diesel Petrol prices in Nepal kept on changing every 15 days of implementation. The NOC has set the New Diesel Petrol Price in Nepal from 31 January 2024. Where the Petrol Price is set to Rs 167.50 Per Liter (An increase of Rs 4/Liter) and Rs 155.50 Per Liter for Diesel (An increase of Rs 2/Liter).

Fuel TypeQuantityPart IPart IIPart III
Petrol (MS)Per LiterRs 167.50Rs 169Rs 170
Diesel (HSD)Per LiterRs 155.50Rs 157Rs 158
Kerosene (SKO)Per LiterRs 155.50Rs 157Rs 158
LPG – 14.2 kgPer CylinderRs 1895  
(The LPG Gas price may not be the same but may quite differ from Company to Company)

Note: The Nepali Oil Corporation has Divided the Petroleum Price in Nepal into a Total of Three Parts,

Part I Includes: Charali, Biratnager, Janakpur, Amlekhgunj, Bhalbari, Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi and Birgunj Depot.

Part II Includes: Surkhet and Dang Depot

Part III Includes: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipayal Depot

Petroleum in Nepal

petrol price in nepal Today

In Nepal, Petroleum products are wholly owned by the NOC under the Government of Nepal. So, the Price Determination (In One Hand) and Steady supply to meet the market’s demand is on their hand. Besides the Determined Price of Petroleum products in Nepal, you may have to pay an additional Rupees per litre. If you are far more than 15km from the depot station, you may have to pay an additional Rs 1 to 3 per litre.

Factors Causing Rise and Fall in Petrol Diesel Prices in Nepal

Depending upon the various aspects, the Petro Price in Nepal is affected. Not only a single element, but we can also find multiple reasons that cause the rise and fall (rise) in Fuel Prices.

  • Changes due to the fluctuations in the Global Crude Oil Price
  • Fluctuations of the Nepalese currency in the International market
  • Rise due to supply chain disruptions, increasing demand, and other Political Instability
  • Influenced due to an International Market Price, the Commission

List of Depot Station/Sales Office of NOC

  • Amlekhgunj Depot
  • Thankot Depot
  • Jhapa Depot
  • Janakpur Depot
  • Hetauda Depot
  • Pokhara Depot
  • Nepalgunj Depot
  • Biratnagar Depot
  • Birgunj Depot
  • Butwal Depot
  • Dhangadhi Depot
  • Bardibas Depot
  • Kohalpur Depot
  • Bhairahawa Depot
  • Birtamode Depot
  • Ghorahi Depot
  • Rajbiraj Depot
  • Gulariya Depot
  • Lahan Depot
  • Surkhet Depot


Petrol Prices in Nepal Today are determined by different factors, including the NOC and other Global Factors. In Nepal, the NOC has a Monopoly in Petroleum products’ supply and price determination. At last, in this article, we have mentioned the current petrol price in Nepal.

FAQ for Petrol Prices in Nepal

How much is 1 liter of petrol in Nepal?

The Petrol Price in Nepal is NPR 167.50 as of now in Tier 1. The NOC has reverted the price to the previous price after the protest.

What is the price of petrol in Nepal in 2024?

The Petrol Price in Nepal in 2024 is around, to be exact. i.e., NPR 167.50, NPR 169, and NPR 170 per Liter on Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Respectively.

How much is 1 litre of petrol in kg?

Approximately 1 Liter of Petrol Weighs 0.79KG.

What is the price of 1 Litre of diesel in Nepal?

From 16 October, the Diesel Price in Nepal is NPR 155.50 per Liter.

Which country gives petrol to Nepal?

The Petroleum Market of Nepal is entirely dependent upon an Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

What is the highest Petrol price in Nepal?

The Higher Petrol Price in Nepal was NPR 199 recorded in the 2022-06-20 period.

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